365 Photo Project – One photo a day

365 photo project Today is a great day! Well, really, every day is a great day but today, or I should say yesterday, I decided to take on the 365 Photo Project. Why? Because I love to torture myself by adding more things to my to-do list. Also, let’s face it, we take lots of photos and then we don’t do anything with them. We might as well try to experiment, right?

Basically, I used to love photography, that’s why I started this blog ages ago, and with another name. I wanted to take beautiful pictures and learn to edit them. As usual, I stopped for a few years, but this time I’ll just blame my iPhone. Really, it’s its fault. The photos are nice, you can take videos, you can edit them, post them directly to your social media, send them to friends, plus it’s easy to travel with. Do you know how heavy a camera and extra lenses are? Let’s just say that the phone is easier. That being said, I’m sorry but you just can’t beat the flexibility of a DSLR. That’s why yesterday I decided to start.

365 photo project

365 photo project

My goal with this project is to take a photo a day with my camera. I already do it with my phone, which is fine, and I may post that photo here or in other social media outlets, but I want to learn. I want photography to become a habit and to learn to edit my photos. Simple, right?

No theme, really, except for the fact that my daughter will show up A LOT.