What’s your favorite workout?

Running - workout I am as lazy as it gets when it comes to exercising. I can come up with a thousand excuses to avoid a workout, which is ridiculous, because when I get into it, I just LOVE IT. The problem is that I’m not consistent so I stop, and it takes me months to go back to it.

Last year I got into running, and I talked about it here. I still love it, but I stopped so now it’s taking me forever to put on my running shoes again. But don’t worry, I just ordered a new pair so no more excuses for me.

Yoga - workout Two of my favorite workouts are yoga and pilates. I actually don’t like to call them workouts because I love them, so they don’t seem like “work” but what it’s work is making it to the studio and park, which is mission impossible in San Francisco. So there is my excuse to not go. Anyways, I’ve always been the kind of person who needs to go to a class and exercise with weights, do squats, push ups, etc, and dismissed yoga without even trying, until I gave it a chance and really enjoyed it. The problem with yoga is that there are different practices so you should pick one or two that you enjoy, and you should also find the right teacher because it makes a big difference. I personally love any flow yoga such as Hatha flow, Vinyasa, or even Bikram which isn’t a flow kind of workout but it is in like 100 degree temperature and it’s supposed to be good for you. I need to do something that makes me move, if not I feel like I didn’t do anything at all.

Yoga - workout On the other hand Pilates is incredible. You can find the pilates mat and the reformer, which is the one I love. The reformer is the one with the machines that you have to adjust and there’s also the wall tower. Pair these two with a private instructor and you’ll be in heaven. The problem is that, as you can tell, this gets pretty pricey but if you can give it a try, please do so. It’s incredible.

Piyo - workout - beachbody

I need this body… – Image via Pinterest

As of now I’m into Piyo, which is a new workout by Chalene Johnson and released by Beachbody, so it comes in the form of DVDs. It’s a combination of pilates and yoga, it’s low impact and you use your own weight to sculpt your body. I’ve been doing the DVDs at home for the last three weeks, and so far so good. They are pretty easy and not hard on yourself. Granted, I haven’t really followed the workouts according to the schedule, but I’ll keep doing them and see how it goes. I’ve also heard that the first four weeks are easy but the next four are more intense.

What’s your favorite workout? Do you go to the gym or exercise at home/outdoors?


Can running be addictive?


I really do think that running can be addictive, but at least it is a good addiction. I have never been a fan of running, but I always wanted to be. My husband runs and I always thought that it was so great that you could just put your running shoes on, go outside and run. No extra equipment and it has lots of benefits.

I’ve tried several times but it was impossible. I would set a goal of 20 minutes and I would spend the first 15 staring at my watch counting every single second until the torture was over. Needless to say, I stopped at 15, went back home and tried again the next year. This year I decided to try again, as always, but with a different approach; I used an app. I downloaded one that takes you from 0 to 5k in 8 weeks and I got hooked right away! I loved how it would pace the routine and tell you when you needed to run or walk. Yes walk! That way you don’t get burn out trying to run a marathon on your first day. You warm up for 5 minutes, then run for 1, then walk for 1, etc depending on the week you are in, and then you always finish with a 5 minute cool down. I loved it so much that I ended up skipping it a bit to push myself and run 20 or 25 minutes non-stop ahead of time. We even went on vacation and ran 3 or 4 days out of the whole week, even on my birthday; this is unheard of.

I think exercise begets exercise, whether it is running, biking, hiking, strength training, you name it. Once you get into a routine, your body asks for it and if you don’t do it, you don’t feel well, you’ll feel off. Last week I was sick and couldn’t go out for a run, but worst of all, I was very cranky and I blame it to not being able to run.

Now I’m finally feeling better so this morning I went out for a run and made it to 4 miles. I’m not going to lie, but the last 0.25 miles were really tiring, but completely worth it. The drawback is that I think I am a little bit dehydrated and I will be sore tomorrow, but it is good sore. My next steps: running the Golden Gate Bridge (it’s not that long though but the views are great), running a 10k and maybe trail running. I’ll keep you posted.