Magazine overload

Am I the only one who subscribes to every single magazine under the sun? I used to just get Marie Claire and InStyle, but I guess I’m a sucker for any deal I can get on a magazine. I receive so many that I’m still backed up from July.
We are having a 3-day weekend, so hopefully we’ll make it to brunch and I’ll have some time to read some of them, because as you can see, September issues also come with extra homework. And this is just the beginning, I’m still waiting for some more.

Are you a magazine hoarder too?

Happy long weekend!


Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix

By now, everybody probably knows about Stitch Fix. They’ve been featured everywhere, even in the New York Times. I learned about them a few years ago when my friend got a job with them.
I placed an order then and this month I decided to get another fix. I can’t remember all the details about my previous order, but they now have an option to share your social media with them so they can get to know you better. I really liked this idea, especially to be able to share your style board from Pinterest, and so I did.

I usually like to shop at the stores and online, but it’s nice to have someone else do it for you in an affordable way. There are times I know what I want and can’t find it, or times I just lurk around and end up buying things that I may later regret. With Stitch Fix I get someone else to read my mind and come up with something I may like. I think that my stylist, Charlee, sent everything in my style, or pretty close to it. When I made this post I realized that burgundy was going to be my new color this fall. I was thrilled when I opened the box and saw the pants. I crossed my fingers that they’d fit, and they did. Although the pants look more pinkish in the image, they are really burgundy. She nailed it! The necklace was the other product that I kept.

I returned the other three products because I already had two other very similar green tops. Last year I went into a casual sweater frenzy, both striped and solid, and I don’t need any more like them. Considering I work in a “business-casual” kind of company, I think I’d already filled my laid back tops quota.

Do you shop at Stitch Fix?


Fall already?

Fall I feel a little bit torn about the whole fall in August situation. It looks like everybody is in fall mode now, the fashion, back to school, but the calendar still says it is August. My friends back home are at the beach, plus the weather here hasn’t been that bad overall. In my book, it is still summer.

On the other hand, I love the “in between” seasons and the transition from summer to winter. Warmer clothes, change of colors, you crave more comfort food, plus Starbucks brings the Pumpkin Spice Latte back (thank you very much).

And to make me change my mind and help me with the transition into fall, my friend sent me a Friends and Family discount from Banana Republic. The store is still running a 40% discount even without the F&F promo from 8/14 to 8/17. Of course, I had to lurk and see what was going on both online and at the store (just for research purposes…). So here is my wish list.

Banana Republic

Can you sense a theme here? I love how they are incorporating the faux leather to several pieces making them less formal and a little bit edgier.

Are you shopping this or any other sale? Any shopping for the Fall season?


Loving this summer

Golden Gate Bridge Hi everybody! Today I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been loving this summer. As you may know, it is usually COLD here in the summer, and no, I’m not exaggerating. Think sweaters in the morning and down jackets at night. There’s no “I’m putting away my jackets for the summer” or “Let’s go to some warm location, I just need to pack my sundresses. (Ha! What’s that? Some people don’t even have any and if they do, they’re probably hidden in some box on the back of the closet)” This summer has been different. It’s been the warmest summer I’ve ever experience since I moved here. I hope it stays all the way through August because I love to go out at 8 am in short sleeves and not freeze…


Going from a wet and foggy morning, where you can’t even see the bridge, to a glorious day.

San Francisco Bay

Getting home after work and staring at the thermostat in awe (it’s usually in the mid or low 60s). We are saving on heat this summer. Time to go shopping!


Enjoying the sweetest berries I’ve ever had. Berries

Random mornings where I wake up to this instead of fog, which makes me as happy as a clam.

San Francisco Sunrise

Pool time with the family.


Victoria’s Secret Pink Fresh & Clean Luminous Body Butter and Body Mist. A friend gave me a gift certificate and I used it for this yummy scent.


 Enjoying a Real Madrid soccer (football) game in town. I’m not a soccer fan, but my husband is and dragged me to it. It was a blast.

Real Madrid

Plus me enjoying the game and getting some skin cancer sun at it. It was HOT!


What are you guys enjoying so far this summer?



Marin Country Mart – Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Smelling flowers

As we are getting closer to the end of July I realized that I haven’t been to a farmer’s market in a while. It’s probably a combination of being very busy and the weather. It’s not cold, but it is foggy, so it doesn’t feel like summer until you go 15 minutes out of the city and all of the sudden you start to sweat. Do you know how hot it gets when you are fully dressed in dark jeans, dark top and carrying a sweater “just in case”?  I always forget that there is sun at the end of the bridge. Anyways, I digress.

Farmers Market - Marin Country Mart This morning I decided to take our little one to the Marin Country Mart. Check it out if you are in the area. It is located in Larkspur right across from Larkspur Landing, which is the ferry terminal. After running some errands up in Marin, we went to the farmer’s market. If you thought parking in the city was a pain, try to go to this market at around 10. There’s a huge parking lot but it was packed, I almost gave up until I saw this nice girl leaving right when I drove by her, phew.


Bread and cheese – Do I need to say more?

Anyways, I love to go these markets and see all those colors, in-season vegetables and fruits, and any other yummy food they may have. I like to see how the farmers are the ones selling you their products, and the pride they have in them. This market is tiny, just a few stands. If you want a bigger one then you can check out the one at the Ferry Building in San Francisco on Saturdays, that’s a big farmer’s market plus it has tons of food stands for breakfast or lunch.

Farmers-Market What makes the farmer’s market in Larkspur worth the visit is that it is geared towards kids, but not only for them. By the time we got there they were having a Thai cooking class for kids, and I believe they had just had music and storytelling.


Kids Thai cooking class

They have also redone the whole mall area and they have stores such as Intermix, Calypso, a couple of kids stores, a bookstore, 24-Hour Fitness, SoulCycle, Marin Brewing Company, and way more. Here is their website for more info – Marin Country Mart.

The outside area is great. My sister-in-law told me about it but I didn’t know it was this nice. I hadn’t been there in years and I was pleasantly surprised. They have different restaurants with nice outdoor areas, plus extra picnic areas with umbrellas (thank you very much).

Farmers-Market Farmers-Market There’s also a little pond with fish and turtles that kids, and adults, love.


Turtles’ house

Farmers Market

More turtles

Little play area.

Farmers Market

Play area for kids, and some adults…

It is a very serene and calm place to spend a Saturday morning.