What is Core De Force?

Core de force

Have you heard about Core de Force? I’m SUPER excited about it. This is the latest Beachbody at-home program that will be launched on October 31st. A 30-day total body MMA-inspired workout.

Core de force

mmm MMA inspired? What’s that Eva?

Well, it’s mixed martial arts so, pretty much you’ll be kicking booty doing combinations of kickboxing, Muay Thai, bodyweight training and cardio. I had the opportunity to try it a few weeks ago, and seriously Core De Force is fun, the time goes by really quickly, and you get a good sweat! You’ll get a total of 8 workouts and you exercise 6 days a week with a stretch on the 7th. Did I mention that there’s no equipment needed? Perfect for traveling too since the holidays are coming!


I have to say, that I’ve never ever done any kind of martial arts, but I’ve always wanted (instead I was sent to ballet classes… thanks mom). Anyways, this is the time for anybody who want to get a bit of an intro into this world to try it.

What about the food?

The meal plan is simple. It is based on the container system, Portion Fix, so there’s no specific foods to eat. What you’ll get with your pack is a list of foods that can be eaten with every color container; if they fit in it, you can eat it. It’s balanced nutrition that will fuel your body with the energy it needs. That simple!

What else?

One of the most important things you can do to stay on track with your workouts is having the support of your coach and a team of people going through the same as you. I know this because I’ve been there. I know how excited you can get when you decide on a program and purchase it. You start pretty strong, but a few days later you lose motivation. This becomes a snowball of several days and all of a sudden a month has passed and your program is deep inside a drawer. Have you been there? Our group is here to help you! I’ll be hosting an exclusive private 30-day group starting November 7th where we will have the support and accountability you’ll need to finish the program with results!

Core de force Before-after


Core de force Before-after


Core de force Before-after


Core de force Before-after

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Can’t wait to help you with your goals!

xo Eva

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