Fall 2016 – Nail Polish Edition


Yup, I may be a little bit late to the nail fashion situation, but it’s kind of summer here so I’ve been wearing bright and white nail polish until now! You know, we have the seasons wrong here in SF. What’s a girl to do?

So, I finally decided to stop getting gel and going for a regular nail polish so I can play with it at home when I please. More reasons to have my own? Well, I had about 20-30 bottles completely expired, plus if you’re a busy mom like me, you don’t always have the time to go to the nail salon, right? I know it’s relaxing and all that… but when you get a call from your husband the second you sit down on the chair asking “when are you coming back?” the relax turns into stress…

Which brings me to the next question… How long can it possibly take to get your nails dry? That’s usually an inconvenience, and the reason why I love gel. BUT, fear not. I found Poshé top coat and used it twice before giving it a solid thumbs up. The advantage of it is that you must apply it when your nail polish is still wet to actually work. Win win. Nobody has time to dry every.sing.coat you put on! It also doesn’t have any of those weird chemicals, although it still smells like good old-fashion nail polish.

And, as for the colors of the season? Well, I don’t follow the trends that much but, here are the couple I just got…

  • I wanted to replace my favorite nude, it’s pricy but I LOVE it. It’s Yummy Mummy from Butter London. My favorite brand.
  • I think that you should always have a dark “vampy-ish” color, just because they’re cool, fun, and awesome. I picked Velvet Voyage from Essie.
  • And for the trendy shade, as per Harper’s, I got Now and Zen from Essie too. I love this one. I remember always wearing gray nails in college, and this one has a hint of sage which makes it different from what I’m used too.

At the end of the day, it’s just up to whatever fits our style and preferences! What are your favorite fall colors?



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