Eva Simborg Welcome to my little corner. I’m Eva and I am very glad you decided to stop by. Here are a couple of facts about me:

  • Mom of a very happy little girl.
  • Wife of a handsome, and VERY patient, grey-eyed guy.
  • Born and raised in Madrid, Spain.
  • 12 years in the U.S. 2 in NYC and 8 in San Francisco. I still keep my accent, after all it’s mine, right?
  • Love to travel.
  • Momboss of my little empire, Eva Simborg Fitness.

Now, why fitness? I’m glad you asked! Well, back in the day, I was active. I used to play basketball – yeah, even at 5’ 2’’— took ballet classes, used to swim competitively, until I started college and it all stopped. I’ve never been thin, always had those extra pounds, but I never cared. I come from Spain, where the culture didn’t really encourage, or went crazy, for fitness.

Fast forward to 2011, I decided to quit my job and stay home with my 9-month-old baby. A couple of months later I decided I wanted to exercise but I couldn’t go to the gym. I started doing some research and decided to do “one of those at-home workout programs”, thinking it was going to be a waste, and that two days later the DVDs were going to end up in the cabinet collecting dust.

I ordered Chalene Extreme, and I was HOOKED! I loved the program. It made sense. I was able to exercise at home, challenge myself, and as a bonus the program came with a nutrition guide that I more or less followed. I loved it so much that I got Brazil Butt Lift next, because, you know…

I used those DVDs until the beginning of 2015 when I got Piyo, which I love, but in the middle of it I discovered Insanity, and that was it. At this point I started to really understand nutrition as fuel for your body and that, depending on my fitness routine, I must adjust my nutrition if I want to be healthy. Being healthy is not about being size 4, 6, 8 or 10. It’s about moving and nurturing your body the best you can because we only have one. This is why I decided to join Beachbody, to share this journey with as many people as I can. Join me… Let’s have fun and improve our lives and our health as we do it!