Skin Care Routine

Skin care routine
I have to say that I’m  the worst at following skin care routines, but today I decided to show you what I do, or at least what I attempt to do, every day. I know that everybody is different, but this is my 2 cents.

I only use a couple of products because I think that sometimes less is more, plus in my case, I forget I have all those extra creams, masks, etc, and end up throwing them out two years after I first opened. Unless I wear makeup, I pretty much wash my face with water and I’m good to go. I’ve done it my entire life and never had a problem. Obviously, everybody’s skin is different and we all need to do what’s best for us, but I really don’t believe in over cleansing, or using masks or exfoliating your skin every day, unless you really must do so. I need to add that I have combination skin, and probably the less sensitive skin you can come across. I can use pretty much anything on my face and it will stay the same, except for when I get one of those big pimples, but that’s for another post…

Skin care routine

Morning Skin Care Routine

Unless I go out for a jog or any other kind of workout, I just wash my face with water. It has always worked for me. As I said before, sometimes less is more. I’ve also heard that all that good stuff that happens to your skin overnight can go away if you use a cleanser in the morning. So there, that reinforces my ultra researched-state-of-the-art morning skin care routine. Ok, seriously, I am lazy and I figure that I can’t get my face that dirty just by sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night! After this I just use a moisturizer with SPF. Now I’m using Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer and a lip balm, whatever brand I have around.

Skin care routine

Night Skin Care Routine

If I don’t wear makeup, which happens way too often, I probably just use Bioderma for combination skin. It’s easy ;I just need to use a cotton pad, wipe my face off, and voilà clean skin. It is a micellar solution, so I don’t need to add the toner. Score! If I am wearing makeup that day, then I’ll use Bioderma and Philosophy. Both of them work to remove eye makeup too, especially the Philosophy cleanser. I just alternate which one I use first, unless I use my Clarisonic, which in this case it will first use Bioderma and then Philosophy with the Clarisonic. Speaking of Clarisonic, how do you like it? I have been having a love and hate relationship with it. I barely use it mainly because I forget about its existence, but the problem is that I charge it and when I start using it, maybe 4 days later, it stops working 10 seconds later. In any case, you can also use a washcloth as an exfoliator kind of thing.

Skin care routine

Sometimes I will use Lush Lip Scrub, which is yummy by the way. After this whole cleansing situation it is time for toner Murad. I don’t really have acne, just a pimple every once in a while on my chin, but I feel that this toner works to keep blemishes at bay. Then I finish with a night cream. I just ran out of my beloved Clarins, so for now I’m using a sample of L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream. As for eye cream, I don’t tend to use any, although I know I should get one soon.

Besides these two cleansers, there is another one that I really love but I haven’t bought in a while. It is the Cleanse Off Oil from Mac. This one is a little bit tricky to use. Usually you’ll wet your face and then cleanse your skin, but not with this one. You need to apply it on dry skin and with dry hands. Then, you have to work it all over your face to make sure it lifts up all the make up. I like to do my eyes at the end because I don’t want to end up with eye makeup all over my face. Once you are done with this step you need put a little bit of water on your hands and massage your face with it. The oil will turn into a white lotion-type liquid. This cleanser removes everything. That’s why I love it. Do you sense a theme here? Moisturizer with SPF, cleansers that cleanse, remove makeup and eye makeup, and a cleanser that works as a toner too? Yup, I just like to reduce the number of steps, especially at night. But that doesn’t mean that every here and there I like to add something extra.

What do you like to use?


Disclaimer: I have purchased all of these products with my own money, with the exception of the L’Occitane Cream that was a gift from a friend. This is not a paid post.


  1. matilda robinson says:

    I’ve always done the same process morning and night. Maybe I need to change things up and better prepare my face for a good night’s rest. I’ll have to try your process and see how it works for my face. Who knows, I might have just found the best answer to any question I have ever had.