Weekend Getaway – Tahoe

Tahoe No matter what time of the year, Tahoe has something for everybody. Lots of nature, lots of sports, and gambling in the Nevada side of the lake. Considering that it’s less than three hours from San Francisco, it’s the perfect weekend escape.


During the summer you can enjoy the beaches, and all the water sports offerings you can imagine. You can also hike some trails that you would otherwise ski during the winter. I’ve been meaning to paddle surf there, since it’s safer than the ocean, and hike Shiley Lake which I used to ski during the winter. Of course, none have happened this summer. Hopefully 2015 will be the year to do both.

A couple of my favorite beaches in Tahoe are Kings beach, where there is a little town too, and Sand Harbor which is in the Nevada side of the lake. There are lots of other beaches but those are the ones we tend to go since we stay close to the northern side of the lake.



As for the winter there is a big selection of ski areas too. I love Squaw Valley because of its little village, and it even has a ski-in/ski-out Starbucks, but I hear Heavenly is amazing and Northstar is supposed to be great too, especially if you have kids.

Extra bonus, whichever the season, the views are just breathtaking.



  1. Tahoe looks like an amazing place, Eva! Sadly, I’ve never been, but I definitely need to change that!

  2. My family and I love Tahoe. So beautiful! Great pictures.

    Stopping by from the SiTs Sharefest!

  3. We love Tahoe in winter (Northstar is indeed our resort of choice with little kids – my husband learned to ski there himself as a child). But I haven’t been to the lake in summer yet – will have to get that on calendar for next summer. Looks beautiful.

    • Leslie, I’ve heard good things about Northstar but we’ve never been. My husband learned to ski in Squaw, he belonged to one of those ski teams up there, and we stay in Nevada City so it’s closer for us than Northstar. I would still love to visit it though. You definitely have to reserve some time next summer and head over Tahoe. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Great pictures Eva! We like going there skiing, Northstar and Heavenly are my favorite! Nature at Tahoe is amazing!

  5. Hi Mira, I really need to go to the other ski areas. Maybe next season, if they actually get snow!